Vixen Boombox: Tamar Braxton Declares Her Love In ‘If I Don’t Have You’


Tamar Braxton is one multifaceted momma. The mother of two-year-old Logan is preparing to headline a summer tour, all the while staying busy as a co-host on The Realand reality-TV star alongside her older sisters and husband. Preparing for major work ahead, including the release of her third studio album, Calling All Lovers, Tamar releases “If I Don’t Have You.”

The lead single showcases the baby Braxton’s vocals through her declaration of love and high-pitched ranges over a harmonic R&B production, courtesy of Da Internz. It’s more than obvious listening to the track that Tamar’s in a good space in her love life.
In a recent press release, Tamar briefly speaks on the new music and her hectic life. “This is the most creative, fun, and busiest time of my life..and I couldn’t be happier,” she says. “The release of my new single “If I Don’t Have You,” along with working closely with Vince and my longtime friend L.A. Reid on my new album, plus a packed television production schedule, an exciting new tour, and raising our two-year-old son Logan—all keeps me going 24/7, just the way I like it!”
If you’re trying to sing along, the record’s cover art includes the first verse and chorus. Give Tamar’s surprise release a spin above.