It’s About Time: Texas Natural Hair Braiding Restrictions Shut Down


The Texas House of Representatives has deregulated natural hair braiding in an unanimous vote on Thursday (Apr. 30), concluding a back-and-forth culture war spanning over the course of 20 years.

The highly controversial debate sparked in 1997 when Isis Brantley was arrested for braiding hair without a license. The government meshed hair braiders with the likes of barbers and cosmetologists under bill HB 2717, requiring natural hair braiders to attend a 35-hour course on hair braiding and cosmetology school, regardless if one was in their state or not. If those requirements were not fulfilled, hair braiders would risk arrest.

Thanks to deregulation, all restrictions for natural hair braiders have been stripped.

Finally, your next door neighbor who braided hair for the low-low and mom’s all across the nation can braid hair in peace. At least, for now.