VIBE TV: Why Is Nas Calling Bishop Nehru The Future Of Rap?


New York artist Bishop Nehru is a rare breed of rapper. While the 18-year-old MC is out boasting about the latest Retro Jordans and guzzling Lean by the liter, the reserved Rockland Country native is just not that type.

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Bishop prefers record shopping over bottling popping and feels the most comfortable when he’s cooped up in his home studio with just music on his mind. Don’t just label him as your typical studio rat, though. Before even reaching legal drinking age, Bishop has caught the eyes and ears of two highly respected forces in hip-hop, MF DOOM and Nas, who signed Nehru to Mass Appeal Records in 2014.

In his first interview with VIBE TV, the golden child discussed producing all the tracks from his newly released Nehruvia: The Nehruivan EP, who he wants to work with, sound advice he received from DOOM and more.

Tune in below.

You can also watch Bishop’s latest music video for “Users” here.