VIBE Vixen Presents: The Summer Series, A Gal’s Guide To The Vixen Lifestyle


Webster’s definition of a Vixen:

vixen, noun vix·en \vik-s?n\

  • a sexually attractive woman

Our definition:

vixen, noun vix·en \vik-s?n\

  • doesn’t blindly follow trends, but makes her own
  • is always evolving into a better version of herself
  • evokes an inner beauty that radiants outside
  • a fierce gal

Every group has a leader and VIBE Vixen is just that. Welcome to the fabulous world of Vixen where we live for the journey of life and pride ourself on bringing out the vixen in you.  To celebrate our favorite season of summer, Vixen will be rolling out an interview each week from May to August, delving into the worlds of four women who have proved to be game changers in their respective fields that embody the Vixen way of life. From soulful chanteuse and saucier Kelis to DJ and fitness entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman, globetrotting wardrobe stylist Krystle Rodriguez, and celebrity hair stylist and all-around image creator Kiyah Wright, get schooled by the professionals about everything that the Vixen lifestyle entails.

Stay tuned for more interviews and features from the aforementioned below.