Apple Music Drake WWDC
Apple Music Drake WWDC
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Apple Music Is About To Drop The Hottest Release Of The Year

In case you were wondering, Apple still runs this digital music game.

How can a company with virtually unlimited resources and clout take down Spotify the streaming giant? It can create Apple Music.


With an influx of competitors adopting Apple’s original and innovative spirit in the ever-merging world of technology and music, a question hung over the $700 billion dollar brand’s head: was Apple still the pied piper? The answer to this question is a resounding “yes,” thanks to their upcoming streaming hub, Apple Music. With the likes of TIDAL, Pandora, Rdio, Google Play, and Amazon Prime scrambling to coerce cheapskates into giving up their relationship with the very convenient (and very free, for most) Spotify, Apple has figured out how to get ten dollars out of your wallet every month with ease. Which really shouldn’t be a surprise; these are the folks behind the surge of the digital music age.

I had the opportunity to see Apple Music in action, and my final thought was, “Shut up and take my money.” The new app, the sole addition to its upcoming iOS update, is quite literally the best listening experience I’ve seen thus far. With its acquisition of Beats Electronics, LLC., Apple took the best parts of Beats Music streaming and injected it with user experience steroids. It also learned from its not-so-hot iTunes Radio, and ditched copying its competitors in an honest – and successful – effort in blowing them out of the water.

Enough with the vote of confidence. Let’s get to why Apple Music will take residence in your bank account. Utilizing your 13-year history with iTunes via your Apple ID, the service curates a personalized experience, also courtesy of a selection of your favorite genres and artists. Elementary, right? Wrong. Once it has you figured out, an editorial team of music curators present you with a candy store of pre-prepared playlists, tailored to both engaging and broadening your musical tastes. You like hip-hop, Nas, Beyonce and Fall Out Boy? Apple Music says, “Cool. Here’s this playlist, filled with your favorites, and here are these other songs too, which I’m sure you’ll like.” You can also visit genre-specific pages of playlists and albums selected by their experts. The new service additionally includes a Beats Music favorite: situation-based listening. Tell the app what you’re doing and how you’re feeling, and it’ll hold you down.

Still, that is all child’s play compared to Apple Music’s radio component. Featuring stations that transcend genre and tap into lifestyles, the radio portion has tailor-made rotations for millennials, Generation X, and even a station strictly dedicated to the dance floor. Recognizing that few consumers listen to just one genre or artist, Apple Music tossed division aside for inclusion. And even that isn’t the best part of Apple Music’s radio section.

The company has once again succeeded at doing something in the digital music age that has never been done. Apple will be the first company to present a broadcast that can be listened to by everyone in the world – at the same damn time. With Beats 1, a Brooklyn rap fiend and a b-boy in Paris can listen to Apple Music’s live radio station together, notwithstanding their seven-hour time difference. Airing from London with Julie Adenuga, Los Angeles with Zane Lowe and NYC with Ebro Darden, Apple is once again bringing the world together with the sound of music. Listeners can also expect special broadcasts, including artists discussing their favorite albums by legendary artists. Step your game up, Sirius XM and Clear Channel.

That is not where the mystique of Apple Music ends. The app has another component that has never been seen before: a built in social network designed to keep up with your favorite artists’ latest content. Dubbed Connect, it’s like Instagram and Twitter, complete with the ability to “love” and comment, minus the pointless selfies and 140-character noise. Hit “Follow” on Drake’s page, head to Connect, and get updates on Drake’s latest music, videos and albums – straight from Drake. Such a simple idea. Such a huge game changer.

For years, Apple has displayed a customer-first approach to developing its products and services. No, it did not knock every ball out of the park, but it has certainly garnered trust. Accomplishing what others have thus far only attempted to do, Apple is set to change the way we consume music. Again.

Apple Music will be available on the iOS 8.4 update on June 30.

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Casanova Wanted By FBI In Connection With Racketeering Case

Rapper Casanova is wanted by federal investigators in connection with a sweeping indictment charging 18 alleged members of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation Gang with various racketeering, murder, drugs, guns, and fraud offenses, the Justice Department announced on Tuesday (Dec. 1).

The FBI New York tweeted a photo of Casanova and encouraged anyone with information on his whereabouts to contact the bureau. “We are still looking for Caswell Senior, aka Casanova, in connection with this case.”

The 34-year-old rapper is named in the indictment which was unsealed in a White Plains federal court Tuesday. Casanova is the only one out of 18 defendants who has yet to be arrested, the indictment states.

He faces single cont of conspiracy to commit racketeering, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. Each charge carries a maximum sentence of life in prison.

“As alleged in the Indictment, members of Gorilla Stone committed terrible acts of violence, trafficked in narcotics, and even engaged in brazen fraud by exploiting benefits programs meant to provide assistance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” acting U.S. Attorney Audrey Strauss said. “Because of that, communities across the Southern District – from Poughkeepsie to Peekskill to New York City – suffered.”

“Most shocking, as alleged in the indictment, a minor was murdered in furtherance of the gang’s activities,” continued Strauss. “Because of the extraordinary work of our law enforcement partners, the defendants now face federal charges for their crimes.”

The indictment outlines a string of crimes that took place between Jan. 2018 and Sept. 2020.

Alleged gang member Brandon “Stacks” Soto has been charged in connection with the murder of a 15-year-old victim in Poughkeepsie, New York, in September.

In July, Stephen “Chino” Hugh allegedly shot at rival gang members in New Rochelle to allegedly “maintain and increase his position” in the gang’s “racketeering enterprise.” A month earlier, suspects Naya “Baby”Austin, Dezon “Blakk” Washington, and Jordan “Flow” Ingram committed armed robbery of a rival drug dealer, the indictment alleges.

Austin and another suspect, Shanay “Easy” Outlaw, were also charged with filing fraudulent documents to receive COVID-19 related unemployment benefits

The indictment goes on to allege that Brinae “Luxury” Thornton shot a rival gang member in Brooklyn in 2018 in an attempt to “maintain and increase her position” in the gang. That year, another alleged gang member, Robert “Blakk Rob” Woods, supposedly slashed a victim in the face.

Also named in the indictment were Dwight “Dick Wolf” Reid, Christopher “Beagle” Erskine, Walter “Shells” Luster, Deshawn “Don” Thomas, Brandon “Untouchable Dot” Nieves, Ahmed “Ammo” Walker, Isaiah “Zay” Santos, and Robert “Trouble” Sligh, all of whom have been arrested and accused of being members of Gorilla Stone.

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Nipsey Hussle’s Los Angeles Clothing Store Vandalized

Nipsey Hussle’s The Marathon Clothing Store has reportedly been hit by vandals. Multiple store windows were busted out, and some merchandise was looted from the storefront, The Blast reported on Tuesday (Nov. 17).

Cell phone footage shared by The Shade Room shows people cleaning up broken glass from outside of the store, which became a memorial location and tourist attraction after the 33-year-old rapper was gunned down in the parking lot in March 2019.


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A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom)

The flagship clothing store, located in a strip mall near the neighborhood where Hussle grew up, temporarily closed last year. David Gross, Hussle’s business partner, later accused the Los Angeles City of Attorney’s office of working to shut the store down.

While the store is listed online as being open for business, the company phone number was out of service when VIBE reached out on Tuesday. Nonetheless, fans can cop TMC merchandise on the store’s website, including “FTD” shirts and masks that went up for sale after Y.G.’s 2016 single (featuring Hussle) landed back on the charts following the 2020 president election.

Besides selling clothes and other gear, the Marathon brand has expanded into cannabis, and recently announced a collaboration with Cana Farms dispensary.

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Jeremih Remains Hospitalized With COVID-19: “He’s Not Out Of The Dark Yet”

Jeremih is currently hospitalized with COVID-19, and while his vitals are stable, the R&B star isn’t out of the woods yet. Adam Smith, a member of the “Don’t Tell 'Em” singer’s management team gave a health update on Tuesday (Nov. 17).

“He’s not out of the dark yet,” Smith shared with V103.1’s The Kenny Burns Show. “Any progress is better than no progress. He’s stable but he still has a [ways] to go before anything. We’re not out the dark, but God is the light.”

Smith added that Jeremih’s mother wants fans to take the disease seriously and to pray for her son. “He’s still in ICU, but we do have the best of the best working on him.”

According to Smith, several people in “high places” have reached out to help, including fellow Chicago native, Chance the Rapper.

Please if you can take a second to pray for my friend Jeremih, he is like a brother to me and he’s ill right now. I believe in the healing power of Jesus so if you can for me please please say a prayer over him

— Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) November 14, 2020

Diddy also stepped up to link Jeremih’s team with UCLA medical professionals that have been consulting doctors at the hospital where the 33-year-old recording artists is being treated.

“[Jeremih] has a lot of people in a lot of high places that really want to put their resources together to help,” Smith continued before addressing 50 Cent’s social media post about Jeremih.

Thank you for 🙏🏿praying for my boy Jeremih he is responsive today, doing a little better.

— 50cent (@50cent) November 16, 2020

“This isn’t for content,” noted Smith. “50’s the homie…[Jeremih] got a lot of love for 50, but 50 can be insensitive. And we really do want people to know [Jeremih] is getting better, kind of. But [Jeremih] really wants the prayers. Not just ‘yo I’m paying for you.’ No! Stop and pray. Pray for his strength, pray for his healing, pray for his family.”

Listen to the full update below.

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