Rapper Becky G Fires Back At Donald Trump With ‘We Are Mexico’ Tribute


Hailing all the way from Inglewood, Ca, singer/rapper Becky G joins the many Latin voices now standing in solidarity with Mexicans following Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant tirade. The 18-year-old Mexican-American pop star recently dropped a new track titled “We Are Mexico”, which pays tribute to our nation’s invaluable source of labor workers.

“Hard work, double time, overtime, two jobs, working till our heads hurt, but we ain’t never late to pay the bills,” sings Becky, whose Mexican family settled in Southern California. “Mother said, ‘Always follow your heart, make sure you keep your head above the water,’ and I promised her I always will.”

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Shortly after the release, she took to Twitter to thank her followers for helping spark awareness.

Becky G is slated to hit the road with J Balvin, reggaeton superstar who, upon canceling his performance in the upcoming Miss USA pageant, also denounced Trump’s views on immigrants and Latin America.

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