#AskRachel: When It Comes To Rachel Dolezal, Twitter Has No Chill


There’s no denying the entertainment that is social media. Shortly after being exposed by her biological parents, the world became aware of the true ethnicity of the NAACP’s Spokane chapter President Rachel Dolezal.

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Like a chemical reaction, many Twitter users took to their accounts to pose a couple questions to the outed leader in the form of hashtag trivia titled #AskRachel. From open-ended to multiple choice questions, curious minds wanted to know her take on various pop culture staples,  like classic hip-hop or R&B lyrics, popular movie phrases, and cultural knowledge known by many black folks of America.

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Flip through the tweets up top and realize how relatable life really is for a lot of us. (Sidenote: Gawker has created an ‘Are You Black?’ quiz while the NAACP has issued an official statement.)