Brand New ‘Dash’ Radio Station Is Already Backed By 1 Million Listeners

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Dash Radio—which was founded by DJ Skee and funded by investors such as NFL and NBA players, built a listening audience of 1 million in its beta stages before its 9 a.m. live launch on Wednesday (June 3).

Talks of a Brooklyn-based headquarters is also in the works for the new station. With over 60 curated stations from artists such as Snoop Dogg, East Village Radio, Isaac Hayes and Mac Miller, Dash hosts live ad-free broadcasts over the Internet. Joining with Fools Golds Records, Dash might collaborate for event syndication and guest mixes.

The unique aspect of it all? Dash Radio does not depend on radio towers or satellites, but aims to revitalize Internet radio.

“Both corporate radio and Internet radio alike have made the mistake of replacing the element of human curation,” said DJ Skee. “Broadcast radio is meant to be both curated and communal; where real humans dictate the music played for millions of listeners who experience it together, at the same time, in real time. That is the promise that Dash Radio delivers.”

Unlike radio apps like Pandora, the listener has complete control over the songs played on individual channels. Each channel is broadcast live over the Internet and is heard in real-time. Dash Radio also has no subscription fee. Other big name investors for the station include early Facebook investor Kevin Colleran, NFL MVP Adrian Petersen and music publicist Kathryn Frazier.

The radio app is available for iOs and Android, as well as online at Dash is in the works to be available through formats such as AT&T’s Drive initiative and Sonos in-home wireless audio speaker system.

Photo Credit: Getty Images