'Like We're Any Other Couple:' The 9 Best Quotes From Last Night's 'Power'

"What exactly is your relationship with Tommy?"


In the third episode of Power season two, "Like We're Any Other Couple," Ghost and Angela pack their bags and head to Miami where they enjoy the sun, surf, and sand on their mini vacay. While the two lovebirds play pretend and imagine a life together (sans Tasha), Ghost must do double duty. He has to act as Stern's errand boy and convince a Miami club owner to join forces with his empire, both a folly and necessary move in order stay alive. He must also track down and kill Pink Sneakers.

Back in New York, Tommy and Kanon try to get the distribution back in order only to turn their shaky ground with Rolla's crew into a sh*t storm.

1."Other kid's fathers don't own night clubs and get shot up at work." – Tariq St. Patrick
The show opens with Tasha and Ghost's son Tariq barging into the room due to a squabble with his sister, only to question his father's whereabouts when he realizes he's not home. Tasha explains Ghost is away on business, but senses Tariq is concerned for Ghost's safety. Tasha does her best to try and ease his fears, but wonders if her husband's life is also in jeopardy.

2."Ghost ain't never had a good idea that he didn't steal from you." – Tommy
Tommy continues to be Kanon's biggest fan and instead of heeding Ghost's warning to gradually bringing him along, throws him right back into the mix of things.  Tommy spills the tea on their operation, giving Kanon way too much information to work with.

3."A fine woman who know she fine is trouble, and that bitch bad." – Kanon
Kanon can sense Sean's interest in Tasha, despite Sean's feeble attempt at denying it. Kanon – who gets behind the wheel for the first time since being let out of prison – advises his son to steer clear of a woman who knows how beautiful she is.

4."Are you really ready for this? Start you whole life over...for me?" – Ghost
While Ghost and Angela get cozy in Miami, Ghost questions if Angie is truly ready to give up her life and career in New York for their relationship.

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5."I'm just trying to wrap my mind around how you let Ghost go down to the land of ass and titties by himself" – Keisha
Tasha's very simple – but honest – friend Keisha keeps it all the way real with Tasha and questions how a wife who just caught her husband cheating could be secure in letting him travel, to Miami nonetheless, by himself. Tasha tries to assure Keisha their marriage is back on track, but Keisha isn't buying it.

6. "You said you know Egan, right? I mean, the look on his face when he realizes the girl from high school is trying to put him in jail, Geesh!" – Greg Knox
Angela continues to break police protocol in hopes she'll catch Lobos.  As she works with Knox, she learns Tommy's connection to the distributor and gives Knox a few tips on how to catch him.

7. "I look at you more like a big sister now." – Sean
Heeding his father's warning, Sean is done falling for Tasha's flirtatious attempts. While helping Tariq with his school project (which was fashioned together with Gucci shoe boxes, #humblebrag) Sean delivers a fatal blow to Tasha's ego and tells Mrs. St. Patrick he thinks of her as family...nothing more. #GOTEMMMM

8. "You know the real reason why they call you quarter-water? Because yo mama use to charge twenty-five cents to pull a n***a d**k after school"– Kanon
What should've been a nice game of pool and a pleasant conversation about pushing twice the amount of product turns deadly when Tommy brings Kanon to talk business with Qdubs. Qdubs isn't sure if Ruiz killed his brother or if it was Tommy, either way, he's decided he's done working with them and found a new distributor. This obviously doesn't sit well with Tommy but he respects it. Kanon, on the other hand, decides killing Qdubs is the best course of action.

9. "Have you ever heard anyone on the street call Tommy by the name Ghost?" – Angie
Ghost and Angie's perfect love affair comes to a halt when Angela comes clean and tells Ghost what she really does for living. She also informs Ghost she's going to put Tommy in jail and if he wants to save his club business, Ghost will have to testify against his best friend of 20 years.


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As the case might to go trial, one can only hope the full truth will be revealed.

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Amidst his success in music, he struggled with substance abuse and legal issues. He died in Aug. 1995 of AIDS complications at the age of 39.

The Bobby DeBarge Story is slated to premiere on TV One sometime this year.


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Just finished playing Berry Gordy in the “ Debarge “ movie @swirlfilmsig 🎬🎥🔥 coming Soon ! 🆙

A post shared by Big Boi (@bigboi) on Feb 21, 2019 at 8:21pm PST

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Filming will reportedly begin this summer, and we're certain we'll find out more high-profile cast members within the next year. James' production partner discussed the possibility of Michael Jordan appearing in the second film, but only time will tell.

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The first film features basketball stars Charles Barkley, Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Larry Bird and more, and features a pretty memorable cameo by Bill Murray. Danny DeVito voices Swackhammer, the owner of outer space theme park Moron Mountain. He and his tiny group of aliens steal the talent of NBA players to win a basketball game against the Looney Tunes, which could determine the cartoons' fate.

July 16, 2021 🎥🏀🥕 #SaveTheDate pic.twitter.com/qV1Tnxuksd

— SpringHill Ent. (@SpringHillEnt) February 22, 2019

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