Erykah Badu Hilariously Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors


It’s ain’t over until the fat lady sings. And well, she did.

Rumors swirled about Erykah Badu being knocked up by Jay Electronica, after being conjured up by an MStarz article insinuating the pregnancy. The “Window Seat” singer took to Twitter to hush a few birdies that kept the rumor going, saying that there was no baby no. 4 resting in her belly, but rather a few meals.

More speculation of the pregnancy came after her performance at the annual “Roots’ Picnic,” where her exposed stomach stirred up some mommy-to-be whispers. Fellow soul-singer Janelle Monae even tweeted in on the chatter.

She made sure to set the record straight though:

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To further make light of the situation, she followed the rumor shut-down by celebrating mommies with #MommyMondays:

We love the class, Mama Badu. – Diamond Hillyer

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