VIBE TV: Fetty Wap’s Impromptu Music Video For ‘A Couple Bandz’


During our last shoot of Fetty Wap’s VIBE cover story, we all ended up in front of a particularly colorful mural where a family of six from Orlando couldn’t help but stop to film our every action with their iPhones. After about five minutes into their giddiness, the mother asks who “he is?” After I say “Fetty Wap, and attempt to explain the phenomenon of “Trap Queen,” she quickly drifts back into her voyeurism with little interest. They don’t care.

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The mother, father, 2 teenage brothers and 3 sisters are just enamored with the foreign cars and impromptu music video shoot happening. Someone turned the Panaramera stereo up while all of this was happening and the Remy Boyz nonchalantly began mouthing words to their records as a cameraman shoots the crew having a ball. Fetty had a solid twenty large in cash in his pocket, and mimicked infamous “the money phone” a few times. It was awesome.