First-Time Dad Freddie Gibbs On The Toughest Lesson He’ll Teach His Daughter


On April 25, 2015, life for Freddie Gibbs was never the same. The Gary, Indiana rapper and fiancĂ© Ericka Dickerson welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Irie Jane. Still, the full-time MC proved that being a daddy requires O.T., too. While performing at Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Festival, VIBE chatted up Sir Gibbs for his take on daddyhood and the toughest lesson he’ll teach her.

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VIBE: Are you excited for Father’s Day?
Freddie Gibbs: This is my first Father’s Day as a father and sh-t. It’s cool, man. I’m ready to get back. My baby momma can’t handle Irie crazy a–. She can’t handle her, bruh. Irie’s crazy, bruh.

What was your response when you found out you were having a daughter?
I was kinda glad, man. As long as the baby’s healthy, it didn’t really matter. Maybe, I’ll have a son, if I don’t, whatever. I’m so into her right now. I don’t even know if I want another kid. I don’t even know if I can split that love like that. I give her so much.

They say a father is a daughter’s first love. He teaches you what she wants in a man later on. Do you think about that now?
I knew I was going to have a daughter man, because I’m a player. It’s all good. I knew I was going to have one. But it’s good though. I feel like I’ve got a lot of knowledge and wisdom that I can pass down to her with me as her daddy. She’s gonna look at other n—as and use me as an example. What better example than that? She’s going to have a high standard. She’s going to look at a n—a and be like, Nah, my dad don’t do that or my dad’s not like that. I’m not going to accept that. I think when a woman has a strong father, it makes her that much stronger. I take pride in having a daughter.

My angel at home bossin’ somebody around, lol. Daddy be home soon #Irie 👶🏽

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What would your advice to new fathers be?
Really just handling your responsibilities and being a real solid backbone for your child whether you’re with her or not. Stand solid. Handle your responsibilities and make sure she or your child doesn’t have to worry about nothing. That’s all a woman really wants at the end of the day. A motherf–ker to handle his responsibilities and do what he says he’s going to do. That’s all the advice I can give these n—as. As long as they do what they say they’re going to do, then they’ll be alright. Don’t promise no b-tch the world if you’re not going to give it to her. That’s where n—as fuck up, they don’t handle their responsibilities. Just handle them and put the time in that you’re supposed to put in with your child. Even if it takes away from some other sh-t you want to do, it ain’t about you no more. That’s what I had to learn. It ain’t about me no more. I got a lot of other sh-t. I got a lot of hobbies and sh-t I like to do, but I gotta cut a lot of sh-t out because I got a daughter now. There’s certain sh-t I can’t do no more. I go out three times a week. Now, I gotta go out once or twice. It’s different.

But it’s not a bad thing.
It’s not bad at all. Hell nah. You gotta put in that time with her because that’s what means the most.

Are you going to put Irie on a track?
Nah, I ain’t Jay Z or BeyoncĂ©. Let them n—as do that sh-t. My daughter ain’t getting on no track yet. I’ll put her on there once she can talk. Not right now. She can’t do sh-t but go like, ahh. But once she’s like, ‘Yo Daddy, I’m ready to get on a track, then I’ll be like here.’ I told you dada. I promise my daughter’s gonna talk like that [Ed. Note: This is in reference to the hilarious yet profane video of Lil Boosie’s baby girl]. She’s going to be a lady too. She’s going to talk like that to me, but when she’s around people, she’ll talk like a lady. She’ll be like, ‘Aye my n—a, bruh.’ She’s gonna have that in her. She’s gotta have that in her. That’s how she’s gonna be tough on the world. You gotta raise your daughter kind of like a boy these days. They gotta be tough. Ain’t no motherf–ker gonna give you sh-t. You better get your motherf–king mind right. I’m only going to be here so long. If you’re not tough like that on your daughter, then she’s gonna be a b-tch. I don’t want my daughter to be soft. She gotta know what shit to shoot down with a n—a and what to take. She can’t be no b-tch to take sh-t off of n—as. She gotta be like, ‘Look, n–a. No.’ That has to be implanted in her brain early in life.

Even with the toughness, do you think you’re going to be the super protective dad?
Nah, because she’s gonna know. That’s why I’m implanting that in her early. Go ahead, do what you do. Be back when you’re supposed to be back, and you’re good. You can get anything you want from daddy forever. F–k these n—as out here. They not nothing. That’s what I’m implanting in her early, so no motherf–ker will ever be able to take advantage of her.

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