Geto Boys Announce Their Return With The ‘Office Space’ Tour

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Reunited and it feels so hood.

Gangsta rap 90s’ group Geto Boys have not completely stepped off the scene just yet. The Houston collective, consisting of members Scarface, Willie D and Bushwick Bill, announced their month-long “Office Space” tour from June 7 to July 4. The excursion begins in D.C. and ends in Cincinnati, hitting big-name cities like Chicago, Dallas, and Oakland.

Following their 1992 split, all three members pursued solo careers and released music under their individual names. While they all battled their personal demons after the split, including legal issues and a possible deportation, they are back together and more ready than ever to replace their seat in the rap game. Willie D added that a potential album could be underway as well.

“We know that we want to do a record but it’s a situation where right now we’re at the point of getting the paperwork done right so everybody’s on the same page,” he told XXL.  “Once we get the paperwork done then we can do it.”

“Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangsta,” “Mind of a Lunatic,” “Six Feet Deep,” and the “The World is a Ghetto” are all among hit singles released by the group during social unrest. The reemergence of the seasoned socially-conscious trio might be just be what this generation needs. Willie D noted said that their album would continue to touch on social activism and struggles within our culture.

Check out the dates for Geto Boys’ “Office Space” tour here.  – Diamond Hillyer

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