Review: There’s Scary…And Then There’s ‘Insidious 3′


I have no shame in admitting I’m a scaredy-cat. The thought that the boogeyman could be behind the closet door is enough to get me to run in my room and hide under the covers. (Editor’s Note: The person writing this is 30.) Despite my fears, I couldn’t resist attending an early screening of Leigh Wannell’s Insidious 3.

Moviegoers are submerged into the dark underworld known as The Further, when Quinn Brenner (played by Stephanie Scott) seeks out psychic, Elise Rainier (Lin Shaye), to help her contact her deceased mother. Shaye, who has dealt with a demon or ten in her day, warns Brenner that contacting one person from the dead is risky business.

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The third installment gives loyal Insidious fans a chance to connect the dots from the previous films as this movie acts as the genesis of the franchise, while new fans will be able to dive right into the delicious fear of it all. Scott, Shaye and the rest of the cast don’t sacrifice good acting for a great scare – the film is a balance of suspense, thrill and intrigue.

The horror depicted in Insidious 3 plays on your darkest fears. Yes, there are demons who walk on walls, demons who climb up the side of buildings, demons with Hercules strength and demons attempting to inhabit the body of the living to escape The Further. But the stillness, the darkness and the “what ifs” of the film also play a grand role when you unknowingly scream.

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Insidious 3 is a must see, but be prepared to sleep with all the lights on!

Insidious 3 hits theaters Friday, June 5.


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