Reality Checks: The Best Kardashian-Jenner Clapbacks


If there’s nothing else that gossip blogs live for, it certainly involves juicy beefs and heated spats among Hollywood’s high rollers. The second might be anything with the word “Kardashian” in it. When a deadly mix of the two bubbles up in headlines, expect shade to be thrown and shots to be fired from the First Family of reality TV.

VIBE grabs the popcorn and scrolls through a few of the greatest clapback moments to go down in (recent) Kardashian-Jenner history. Keep up with the reality stars’ feistiest moments.—Diamond Hillyer

That Time Kylie Jenner Shut Down A Photographer
We can’t really blame Kylie for this one. How would you respond to a stranger who came through and asked, “What that mouth do?” while shoving his camera into your face? During a recent shopping trip in L.A., the 17-year-old Jenner sister was asked that very specific inquiry. To add insult to injury, he even called her “Kendall.”