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Kelis’ Kitchen: 10 Things Every Gal Should Know About The Kitchen

I don’t remember ever learning to cook. My mother is still the best chef I know, to date. I assume it all started for me with a love of food. We always ate at the table as a family. I was always in the kitchen with her helping, but more so watching. I would follow her hands – perfectly manicured red nails, always. Such grace and fluidity of movement. Everything made sense and came with such ease for her.

It wasn’t until years later that I understood what a gift that woman, my mother, had given me. Beyond life I was taught without ever knowing it that food would be my currency. My language. My freedom. I love to cook. I love the intensity of the kitchen. The speed and precision. And that there is a right and wrong answer. Cooking is about your five senses, it takes focus and common sense to be good. It takes passion and skill to be great. But like everything else you gotta start at the beginning. –As told to Ashley Monaé
Click through the gallery above as Kelis dishes on the basics of the kitchen.
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Photo Credit(s): iamKelis.com, Getty Images 

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