During Those 15 Seconds We Weren’t Attached To Our Phones, Lauryn Hill Reportedly Joined Instagram


UPDATE: Ms. Lauryn Hill has NOT joined Instagram. See her tweet below.

Like any red-blooded man or woman with a past due cell phone balance of $0.00, we’re all pretty much attached to our devices and aware when any celeb does or says anything new.

But it seems as if Ms. Lauryn Hill fooled us all when she joined Instagram without the move drawing much attention from fans.

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Per the ‘Gram,  L-Boogie came to the dark side and joined the photo-sharing social platform sometime over the weekend as photos from her 40th birthday party are the first few of 16 pictures she’s shared on her page.

I’m here!!! #instagram

A photo posted by Lauryn Hill (@ms_laurynhill) on

The lyricist who famously said she was ‘more powerful than two Cleopatras’ isn’t following anyone and has a smooth 12,000 followers for now.

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“I was a bit skeptical about using Instagram but ya girl is here!! Let me give this thing a try!” she write in her bio.

After reading of her new social media profile, Ms. Lauryn took to her twitter page to knock down the rumors:

Gotta love wishful thinking.

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