So… Lil B Sported The ‘Grandma’ Look On ESPN


Nearly four years after Lil B sent the tweet seen around the world, placing a “curse” on NBA star Kevin Durant, talk of the rapper’s hex on athletes is still making headlines. But while visiting ESPN’s SportsNation, the Based God played a round of “Cursed Or Not Cursed,” dressed as what the Internet deemed “a grandma.”

Sporting a white lace top, a sun hat and dangling earrings (throwback accessories from his 2011 clip “Got The Mack Loaded“), Lil B still kept it classy when talking about the shots fired at KD, James Harden and Golden State Warriors’ Marreese Speights. “We never like to curse people,” he said. “That’s always the last resort.”

Watch the Based God set the record straight.

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