Lisa Evers, Chinx’s Wife And More Discuss Hip Hop And Gun Violence


Every Sunday morning, radio personality/ news reporter, Lisa Evers, goes live on HOT 97 to discuss worldly issues that revolve around the hip-hop/urban community. This past weekend, Lisa’s topic of discussion was hip-hop and gun violence due to the recent murder of Coke Boy rapper Lionel “Chinx” Pickens that occurred on May 17, 2015.

Guests of the show included Janelli Pickens, the wife-turned-widow of Chinx; Driicky Graham, who was a friend and label mate to Chinx; Rob Markman from MTV News; Derick Parker, an EX NYPD hip-hop task force officer; and Shanduke Mc Phatter, an anti-violence activist.

The group discussed details of the murder, the recent arrest from French Montana’s video shoot, as well as what everyone hopes to achieve from the community and law enforcement in regards to the gruesome killing of Queens rapper, Chinx.

Listen below as Lisa Evers takes the lead and uncaps a tough topic amongst the hip-hop community.