Premiere: Lolawolf ‘everyf–ckinday’ EP

Music Premieres

Brooklyn-based trio, Lolawolf, is back with a fiesty follow up to the their debut album, Calm Down.

Today (June 23), Lolawolf debuts their newest mixtape, everyf-ckinday with With lyrics that speak to today’s rebellious youth, the five-track project is an unapologetic riot of kick ass trap beats paired with electro-pop synths and off-kilter yet infectious hooks.

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VIBE also caught up with the band in the midst of their hectic schedule to talk about their recording process, the space they occupy in music today, and the trio’s musical future. Press play below and vibe out to this first listen of Lolawolf’s everyf-ckinday EP.

VIBE: You all love to experiment with different sounds. What was the inspiration behind everyf-ckinday?

Lolawolf: We just had fun with it and kept it pretty basic. It’s more for us. We hope people can dig that.

Tell me about the title. Is there a deeper meaning behind it?  

Honestly, it’s about routine, love and stuff.

It seems like you all take a f-ck it approach to your music – as in you all aren’t looking to cater to anyone in general and just doing what makes you happy. Any truth to that? 

Yeah, we’re just doing what makes us happy, honestly. We can mess with so many different styles cause everyone in the group is into all sorts of s–t. We kinda do whatever we are feeling at the moment. That doesn’t mean we are just doing what’s cool “right now,” ya know? S–t mixes up, day after day and builds then you write some stuff, then songs and vibes start happening.

So what was the writing/recording process for the mixtape?

Beats, instruments, fly to the Bahamas, chill, vocals, mix.

Sounds like a lengthy process. Do you all go in with a plan of what you want to create?

The plan was what you hear. For this one, our minimal approach and the brattiness punch was translated appropriately.

There aren’t any features on the mixtape. Are there any collaborations you all have in the works? 

We have done some and doing more, they are just chilling on the tape for now. We’ll start dropping some soon, really excited for that.

You all are big on visuals, too. Can we expect killer videos for any on the songs on the mixtape? 


Many have categorized Lolawolf under many different genres and even deemed your sound “unpredictable.” What space do you guys feel like you occupy in music today? 

Not really sure where we fit in. Not a lot of people know who we are [I don’t think], so it’s hard to really tell about that. Our fans are really dope and a lot of really great new artists all over the Internet right now that we are diggin’. One of our favorites is Trouble Andrew who does our videos.

With Zoë’s father being who he is, is there any pressure to make great music and continue his legacy? 

Not according to us.

Being a trio is undoubtedly a group effort. From the Lolawolf EP to now, what growth have you all seen in each other as a band that has gotten you all this far? 

We all got a little taller (laughs).

Where do you all see Lolawolf in five years? 

At a big ass pool party.