Remembering Mariah Carey’s Self-Titled Debut: 7 Videos To Commemorate Its 25th Anniversary

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A handful of groundbreaking events happened in entertainment in 1990. From the premiere of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air to the release of GoodFellas, television and film had the entertainment industry on lock. But on the music side, a new voice was piercing its way through your radio and TV screen.

Mariah Carey stepped onto the scene with the commercial release of her self-titled debut album on June 12, 1990. Featuring your favorite go-to tracks for karaoke from “Vision Of Love” to “Love Takes Time,” the highly-decorated vocalist laid a musical foundation that has yet to crack. The 11-track album went nine times platinum and its singles topped the charts.

Celebrate the album’s quarter century achievement with a look at the videos that accompanied her hottest singles.