NBA Finals: Relive The Playoffs In GIFs


The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers will be balling their hearts out for the championship trophy during Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night (June 4). While buzzer beaters and clutch 3’s have flooded timelines worldwide since May, there are some crowd-pleasing moments that will forever be immortalized in GIFs.

Hit rewind on the playoffs’ most memorable moments below.


With a bum hamstring, Clippers’ Chris Paul ended the Spurs’ championship contention with this buzzer beater in Game 7

Steph Curry nails a jaw-dropping corner 3 against the Pelicans

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Even Dwight Howard couldn’t believe this assist from Chris Paul to Blake Griffin, who soars to the net during the Clippers’ game against the Rockets

Washington Wizard John Wall brings the magic

Paul Pierce’s buzzer beater was the highlight of Washington’s game against the Atlanta Hawks

Bulls’ power forward Nikola Miroti? hit a buzzer beater from beyond half-court

Derrick Rose made a strong comeback for this year’s playoffs, nailing a buzzer beater and landing the Bulls a Game 3 win over the Cavs

LeBron’s buzzer beater tied the series for Cleveland against Chicago

Steph Curry and Vince Carter share a bromantic moment after the Warriors beat the Grizzlies


King James showed no mercy against the Atlanta Hawks

Can’t say James Harden wasn’t wide awake for this one after The Bearded One double-crossed Steph Curry for a swift bucket

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The outstanding double-assist from Leandro Barbosa through to Andrew Bogut and then to Andre Iguodala made the Oracle roar

Jason Terry and Dwight Howard had a few tricks up their sleeves, playing keep-away for a mean dunk against Golden State\

Harden makes it look easy

GSW’s Harrison Barnes goes in for a wide-legged spinning dunk

Ladies and gentlemen, the real MVP: Riley Curry

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Tune into Game 1 of the NBA Finals tonight at 9pm ET on ABC.