Recap: 'Power' Sets The Scene For Season Two With 'Consequences'

Ghost deals with the weight of it all in the season opener of STARZ hit drama, Power

In the season two premiere of Power, titled "Consequences," fans are thrown back into the mix as the STARZ scripted drama picks up right where season one left off.

Kanon's assassin for hire, Pink Sneakers–after ditching her infamous kicks and opting for a sexy number, crimped hair and some heels–is seen running to her car after her attempt at killing Ghost goes awry. But while her aim may have been off (Holly took the "L" and caught the bullet in her neck), it forced Ghost's one-time blossoming club to shut down.

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Kanon is fresh out of jail wearing a red bedazzled Pelle Pelle and riding passenger when Tasha calls Shawn to tell him there was a shooting at Truth. Believing his assassin did what she was paid to, Kanon smiles and quickly learns Ghost is unfortunately alive and well, which means Kanon must keep quiet about his homecoming–for now.

While Ghost's dreams of being a legit business man quickly become fantasy, Tommy goes on a rogue mission to kill Angela, who he learns, after killing Angela's informant Nomar, is a federal prosecutor. Dressed as a well-mannered doorman, Tommy sneaks into Angela's apartment only to find her and Ghost's bags packed. Tommy assumes Ghost's intentions were to fly away with Angela and pin the entire drug business–which now consists of moving twice the amount of cocaine from distributor Lobos–all on him. Filled with anger, Tommy decides to lay low. He breaks into a safe house to collect money and guns, only to get knocked out cold with a bat. We later learn it was his crazy mama who issued the blow.

As Tommy hides out at his mother's house in Queens, piecing together what he believes was Ghost's original plans, Ghost confides in Tasha about the sh-t that has no doubt hit the fan. In hopes to gain back his trust, Tasha offers to help Ghost move the weight while he searches "the underground railroad" for Tommy, but only if he stops seeing Angela (the first of two "got 'em" moments of the night's episode). Realizing his back is against the wall, or maybe not wanting an argument, he obliges. And by "obliges," he goes to Angela's place where the two enjoy a spirited romp in the hay.

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While things with Ghost and Angela seem steady – despite Ghost telling Angela their new life together may have to take a backseat–Angela's a-- at work, however, is on the line. Frankie, her superior has been re-assigned, and Angela, after devoting one year to the Lobos task force, has also been re-assigned to white collar crimes. With her back against the wall, Angela uses Nomar's cell, which should be locked away in evidence, to contact Isabell, Ruiz's 14-year-old daughter (and Nomar's former lover), in hopes that she can help ID Ghost.

Fans are also introduced to Rotimi's character, Dre. While little is known about Kanon's young protege other than that Kanon saved his a-- while the two were locked up, Dre is clearly on board with killing Ghost.

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And while Ghost frantically searches high and low for Tommy (who's at the crib doing lines with his mother, because you know, that's totally mother-son bonding), Simon Stern offers Ghost one last chance at working for him. Ghost declines only to later learn Stern has bought the building and is now Ghost's landlord. With Ghost's in a corner, his once assertive "no" turns to a "maybe." Back at home, he tells Tasha of Stern's request.

"So, what are you going to do?" she asks?

"I told him I'd think about it," Ghost replies.

"Good, people love hearing what the way want," she finishes.

This, boys and girls, is the the second "got 'em" moment of the night, because it was at this moment Ghost tells Tasha he "ended things" with Angela. And what more does Tasha want to hear than her marriage and her man are right on track?

Before the hour-long premiere came to an end, Ghost finally got smart and visited Tommy's mother, bearing a small bag of cocaine as a gift. As he forces his way into the house, Tommy confronts Ghost and accuses him of the set up. Bewildered, Ghost questions Tommy's logic in the matter until Tommy points a gun in his best friend's face and demands the truth – only to realize that Ghost too, didn't know of Angela's true occupation. The men surmise Angela's intentions from the beginning was to bring them both down, and like Tommy pressured Ghost into killing Rolla, he does so again with his mistress.

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Before Ghost goes to visit Angela with the intentions of killing her, he drops the bomb on Tommy that his beloved klepto-girlfriend Holly has been shot. The very last scene of the show finds Ghost sitting in Angela's house after she greets him with a passionate kiss. Unaware of his troubles or demeanor, she offers him some food as she heads into the kitchen. As he crosses his legs and fixes his tie, Ghost half-heartedly asks " So baby, how was work?"

Will Ghost kill Angela? Of course not, that's a can of worms Ghost isn't prepared for, but will Ghost have to kill in order to keep Angela safe? We'll find out next week.

Power, season 2 airs on STARZ on Saturdays, 9PM, EST

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