Rihanna To Launch Her Own Fashion Line, $CHOOL KIlls


Just a year ago, there were reports of singer and style icon, Rihanna, taking out several trademarks under her company Roraj Trade LLC. Trademarking nearly everything from fashion to beauty and even makeup, it looks as if she’s finally moving forward with a concrete plan – a fashion line, which comes as no surprise.

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Having partnered with championed fashion brands like River Island, Puma, and most recently Dior, she’s expanding her Rihanna Navy empire into a “clothing and leather product” dubbed, $CHOOL KIlls. According to Grazia, the line will begin as an accessories line before delving into a full fledged clothing line. Sources also say that the accessories line will include a collection of totes and purses.

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With Rihanna’s personal style sense being as influential as it is, we’re sure $CHOOL KIlls won’t disappoint.

Photo Credit: Getty Images