Skyzoo Teases ‘Music For My Friends’ Album With New Documentary


Before his Music For My Friends album makes its debut, Skyzoo has gifted the masses with another dosage of new music and a look inside his upcoming project.

The Brooklyn rapper recently released a new documentary directed by Caity Arthur titled Comradery: The Making of Music For My Friends, which showcases him in the studio, strolling through his old neighborhoods of Jamaica, Queens and Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn alongside his homies. You’ll see very specific details, like the playground in which he first heard Nas’ legendary Illmatic record in 1994.

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He also revealed that his main inspiration for the album was about his experiences with his good friends. “The idea behind it was not caring about what anyone thinks about the project except for my friends,” he says in a clip.“If you look at the cover, those are my real friends in the cover.”

In addition to the short film, he also dropped a cool 10-minute sampler of the album. On it, you will hear a wide range of musical instruments and scintillating, infectious beats coupled with storylines of Skyzoo’s life with his best buddies.

Take a listen to the sampler of Music For My Friends and watch the full documentary below. Pre-order the LP on iTunes here before it drops June 23.