The 9 Most Memorable Moments From Chance The Rapper’s ‘Teens in the Park’ Festival


“They put me in charge of this festival, so I want yall to have a good time,” echoed Chance the Rapper’s voice over a crowd of roaring fans of all ages at Chicago’s Teens In The Park festival.

Chance has been all about his city and all about the youth lately. He recently opened a media center in a local library, gave out computers to students with the “Get Schooled” program, and provided Chicago teens with a safe haven to express themselves through art with his Open Mikes events, which honor the legacy of his late mentor affectionately known as Brother Mike.

On Thursday (June 24), Chance teamed with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago park districts and Donda’s House to throw the first ever annual Teens in the Park festival. As event curator, he welcomed fresh, local talent along with some very big names (Kendrick Lamar) and equally as big surprises.

The best part? It was all for free. Here are 10 moments that have us ready for next year’s fest. — Shannon Powell