2 Chainz Suspects He’s Been Banned From All Vegas Clubs

It looks as if the “Birthday Song” rapper might need to add entry into Vegas clubs to his birthday wish list. According to an Instagram post by 2 Chainz, every time he attempts to gain entrance to any Vegas club, he gets denied. He said that the clubs turn him down without so much as an explanation, and that he hopes the Instagram post would help bring light to the issue.

Everytime I try to go out to a club in VEGAS they say that I’m banned ….I never get a reason ,I never have a understanding, jus NO he ain’t allowed .this my 1st time ever putting my business in streets via social media . But this way may receive an explanation. I don’t owe no casino .I don’t need a marker … I don’t know what the fuck goin on …

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The “No Lie” emcee didn’t reveal which clubs he was referring to, and no reports of a ban have released from any club staff in light of the situation. Though he claims not to owe any casino, his recent lawsuit does involve a $5 million payout to a woman who alleges that 2 Chainz called her a “thot” in a video that he posted backstage. The case will unfold this month.

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