8 Muscle-Packed Fitness Divas We Adore


In light of another one of Serena’s Wimbledon achievements–racking up her sixth Wimbledon win and 21st Grand Slam title– the haters were, of course, cued in.

Unnecessarily commenting on the No. 1 tennis player in the world’s muscle-packed build and beautifully bulked form, the New York Times came under fire for their choice words regarding Williams, describing her frame to be “built like a man.” Though several Twitter users took to her defense and criticized the publication for their denouncement of Williams’ body image, the article continued on to comment on smaller framed white female athletes who feared their bodies becoming like the world’s No.1 tennis star.

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Stereotypically, male athletes are praised for their muscly brawn, while female athletes are menaced for it. Influence even published a list of 20 athletes who struggled with eating disorders as a result of this sort of body criticism. From binge-eating, to anorexia, to bulimia, insecurities about body image have long gone overlooked, and even claimed the lives of some athletes.

Vixen is pulling the plug on the body-shaming, and celebrating the muscle-packed physiques of our favorite fitness queens dominating the sports and fitness world.