A$AP Rocky And Rod Stewart’s Carpool Karaoke Version Of “Everyday” Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

A$AP Rocky hitched a ride with James Corden and Rod Stewart for an edition of The Late Late Show’s carpool karaoke, and it is now Internet gold.

Corden and Stewart cruised down the streets of Los Angeles, singing some of Stewart’s greatest hits. When the show host blasted his At.Long.Last.A$AP collaboration “Everyday” in the car, the “When the First Cut is the Deepest” singer sang along to the track. The duo sang Stewart’s hook together, and Corden took over the Miguel lines that followed. Once it came time for the rhymes though, A$AP Rocky popped up in the backseat to finish the rest of the song. Stewart could not help but bump to the beat and show A$AP some love from the passenger seat. The rock star caressed his face and continued on with the karaoke session. Sweet.

Join the ride below:

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