Ask A Beauty: ‘Barbershop 3′ Star Margot Bingham Reveals Her Favorite Products, Beauty Icons And More

When Margot Bingham waltzed into our lives as Daughter Maitland, the sultry blues singing character on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, many of us were immediately enchanted by her undeniable talent and beauty. But with the show’s seemingly abrupt ending, many of us were left with tongues wagging.

However, it’s back to business for Margot, who will appear in Barbershop 3. Take a peek at Margot’s Instagram feed and you’ll realize she’s the way cooler version of Maitland. With a timeline reflecting her many dimensions, Bingham flaunts her part-tomboy, part-glamour gal ways, making for a total Lena Horne and Sade hybrid. Basically, Margot wins you over with her quirkiness.

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Now, Ms. Bingham shows no signs of slowing down. Vixen caught up with Margot to kick off our new beauty feature, Ask A Beauty, as we inquire Hollywood’s finest about all things beauty. Peep the conversation below as the talented beauty talks tips, blunders, and her favorite products. –Weyni Elder

VIBE Vixen: What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever gotten?
Margot Bingham: The best beauty advice I’ve ever gotten is to just have fun! There are so many different colors you can experiment with from lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polish–you can literally walk around like a rainbow. Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box or your own safe zone. You’re sure to discover new things that look good on you or more importantly, feel good on you.

The worst?
The worst advice was from a makeup artist who was doing my makeover in high school. She decided to use blue. Not a very attractive one either. Her advice was to rock the blue! I looked like I should be rocking a dark color instead.

One beauty tip you’ve discovered on your own:
A girlfriend of mine taught me to start taking a selfie at home of my outfits before hitting the red carpet–no makeup, busted hair, just as is. If the outfit still looks good on my frame with no glitz or glamour then it’s sure to wow the carpet when I’m photo ready!

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Colored hair has been trending lately. Have you ever bleached anything?
I bleached my hair once. I was terrified my whole life to put any color in my hair because I could never actually just stick to one. I finally decided to try it and my hair started to break off and fall out shortly after. Oh, karma.

Any beauty blunders you now regret?
I will never be in a rush for a carpet ever again. The Internet is a powerful thing. You can go back and look through all of the pictures that were never public property. I now see the difference [with a] rush job. Here’s a note: take your time. Ladies, don’t rush. Trust, it’s not worth the stress. Plan your day accordingly with your event or outing. You’ll feel better and your search history will thank you later.

What are some products you can’t live without?
I love liquid foundation by Sappho Cosmetics. They are a line out of Canada created by a film makeup artist. The products are completely animal-friendly. The only thing keeping it from being vegan is the beeswax that’s in the ingredients. It’s cleared up my skin [like] you wouldn’t believe and it leaves you looking flawless.

Who is your beauty icon and what have they taught you about your own beauty?
I love Iman and Halle Berry. Both women rock such strong, natural looks. I’m always fascinated by natural makeup because you really do have to watch layering and looking too cakey. There’s no room for going overboard when you want to look like “you woke up like this.” There is a fine balance and it takes a lot of practice. I wasn’t blessed with naturally clear skin so it’s something that I’m still learning.

Pick one: lipstick or mascara?

Bikini wax or tattoo?
Bikini wax.

Braids or weave?

Curly or straight?


Check out more of Margot’s beauty must-have’s in the gallery above.