Obama Cares About Retirement Plans, Just Not Jon Stewart’s

With his second term approaching its end, President Barack Obama made sure he had time for one executive order: banning Jon Stewart from leaving The Daily Show.

Obama popped a squat at Stewart’s desk last night (July 21) to address the state of Stewart’s career among several of his last decisions as president. He plans on tackling climate change from a global standpoint, nuclear terrorism, social media and veteran affairs.

Anything after his reign, he advised Americans to bring about change by voicing their concerns to the government. The President said, “I guarantee you if people feel strongly about making sure Iran doesn’t get a nuclear weapon without us going to war and that is expressed to Congress, then people will believe in that. And the same is true on every single issue. If people are engaged, eventually the political system responds.”

Peep the rest of Obama’s interview with Jon Stewart here.