Bill Cosby Admitted To Drugging Multiple Women For Sex In A 2005 Deposition


In a 2005 deposition made public on Monday (July 6), OG comedian Bill Cosby admitted under oath to drugging multiple women with the intent of having sex with them.

According to reports, the once-beloved Cosby Show actor acquired the sedative, Quaaludes, and gave it to to at least one woman and “other people.”

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The sealed documents were released after the Associated Press pushed for the files in court for a sexual abuse lawsuit filed by Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee, against Cosby. The 77-year-old comic settled the lawsuit in 2006 under confidential terms.

The allegations against Cosby for sexual misconduct recently came to light after comedian, Hannibal Burress, called Cosby a rapist during a Philadelphia stand-up show last October. Since then, more than two dozen women—including super model, Beverly Johnson—have come forward, accusing Cosby of using drugs with the intent to rape.

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Cosby and his lawyer tried to fight the AP’s effort to unseal the documents, siting the deposition could reveal the inner workings of his marriage, sex life and prescription drug use.

During the sworn testimony, Cosby said he acquired seven Quaaludes in the 1970s. Constand’s lawyer asked if he kept the pills in the ’90s after they were banned.

“When you got the Quaaludes, was it in your mind that you were going to use these Quaaludes for young women that you wanted to have sex with?,” Constand’s lawyer, Dolores M. Troiani asked.

“Yes,” Cosby answered.

Since the allegations, Cosby’s Netflix special has been cancelled and he has since stepped down from Temple University’s Board of Trustees.

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