Disney Removes Bill Cosby Statue From Hollywood Studio Theme Park

A statue of Bill Cosby has been removed from Disney’s Hollywood Studio theme park in Orlando.

The controversy surrounding the once-beloved actor and comedian resurfaced this week with the unearthing of a 2005 deposition in which Cosby admitted to procuring Quaaludes to give to women he intended on having sex with. Furthering the claims made by dozens of women, Cosby is back under fire for a slew of rape allegations. The statue was on display at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza. It was reportedly removed after the park closed on Tuesday night (June 7).

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Since the deposition surfaced, Cosby has lost the support of singer Jill Scott, who originally defended the actor in light of the widespread criticism. Other celebrities are openly standing by Cosby, however. Whoopi Goldberg discussed the latest development on The View.

“I don’t like snap judgments because I’ve had snap judgments made on me so I’m very very careful,” she said. “Save your texts, save your nasty comments, I don’t care. And I say this because this is my opinion and in America, still, I know it’s a shock, we’re actually innocent until proven guilty. He has not been proven.”

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