Brandy Sang Excellently On The Subway And No One Cared

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There’s a new trend in R&B: Singing on the street (or train) for recognition or cash.

Brandy now joins the growing the number of R&B artists who have taken their talents literally to the masses—on the train, airplanes or just the sidewalk down the block. The “Never Say Never” singer recently filmed herself on the New York City B line where she belted her heart out. And in true New York fashion, no one cared to even glance at her.

“What y’all thought of that?” Brandy asked the packed cart. “Y’all thought that was cool?” Silence followed.

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But then as she proceeds to converse with another straphanger, he offers her this: “We’ve seen this a billion times. You have to do something different.” 

Fellow R&B star Tyrese also went aboard the MTA last week to promote his new album, Black Rose. And who can forget Erykah Badu’s street performance in Manhattan last year, where she only collected “3 dollars and 6 dimes” for her set?

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Take a look at Brandy belting her heart out and relive Ms. Badu’s public street performance.