Bud Light’s WACO Music Festival 2015 To Take Over Torreón, Mexico

For the last few years, Bud Light’s WACO fest has invaded Torreón, Coahuila with a stellar lineup of acts running the Latin American circuit. The musical jamboree, which continues to serve as a vehicle for protest, is more than just a weekend fiesta.

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“WACO is a very important festival in Mexico not just because of the lineup or the good times attendees are bound to have,” noted Remezcla. “The fest is held in Torreón, a city that has seen tragedy and violence take a high toll on the population. WACO and the music scene it celebrates have become an act of resistance in the face of despair.”

Spanish acts Sau Poler and Awwz, Sunsplash from Venezuela and El Búho from the United Kingdom lead the #wamf15 lineup, while a diverse cluster of Mexican talent — Trillones, electro-pop act Sotomayor, indie hip-hop headcase LNG/SHT and many more — also make the cut.

The festival will again be hosted in the city of Torreón on Oct. 17. Peep the full lineup below and keep your eyes peeled for further details.

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