Cam’ron Sends A Message Directly To His “Haters”

The last six months of 2014 gave us more Cam’Ron music and hustles since maybe the Purple Haze era. If you weren’t buying Killa Cereal, you were buying Killa shower curtains, bedspreads and more. Fortunately for you, Cam’s going back to First Of The Month Vol. 4 for his latest video, “F*ckin’ Hater,” featuring Sen City. The visuals place Harlem rapper in his Bentley while paying no mind to a fuming woman outside of his door.

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Sen opens the video cooling with friends and looking through his window, happy to sing about his haters while Cam pulls up later, rapping almost parallel with the beat flow wise and just making sure that the big booty chick outside his door gets zero attention. Watch the visual here.

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