Carlos Santana Low Key Chin Checks Donald Trump

Real doers move in silence. Take Carlos Santana, for instance, who just celebrated 68 years of traversing this planet. Most of us know him as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. It came as a surprise to many when the Premios Billboard 2015 recognized all the humanitarian work that Santana does to help improve the lives of the disadvantaged and underprivileged via The Milagro Foundation.

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The same man who is a source of musical brilliance also helped build schools in Haiti, provide scholarships to exceptional youths, rescued girls who were victims of sex trade … the list goes on and on. Now, Santana throws down the gauntlet to Donald Trump, challenging the billionaire tycoon to utilize his fame and power for the greater good.

“It’s never too late to graduate from the university of FEAR,” wrote Santana on Facebook. “I believe in YOU. Your light can make a difference on our great nation. When the power of love Replaces the love for power. Divinity is who you really are… LIGHT. Peace to you, Your family and all your immigrant employees.”

Santana is now one of many Latin voices who have spoken out against Trump’s anti-immigrant views and hate speech, including Romeo Santos, Maná’s Fher Olvera, Eva Longoria and many more.

Donald trump Spirit requires integration Total acceptance of everyone in this blessed planet I invite you to utilize…

Posted by Carlos Santana on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

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