Chance The Rapper Now Has His Very Own Beer

Like we’ve been trying to tell you, Chance The Rapper is in the lead for the Coolest Human in The Galaxy award. Adding to his already stellar resume of awesomeness is Chance’s new signature beer.

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The brew, a 5.3 percent Helles-style lager is called “No Collar” and will be up for tasting at this year’s Pitchfork Festival (July 17-19) where Chance will headline Sunday’s show.

While Chance didn’t get to visit the brewery, he spoke with the brewmaster Jared Jankowski about how he wanted his beer to taste.

“[This Is] for the hardworking people of Chicago … exactly what you want to drink after a long day of work.”

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No Collar beer will be on hand throughout the festival, but if you’re skipping the festivities and still want to try it, it’ll be on draft at bars around town afterwards.