Charlamagne Declares Funkmaster Flex “Donkey Of The Day,” Ebro Responds


A broken promise always hurts. But when its comes from a DJ who vowed to strike fans with the week’s most highly-anticipated radio record, it stings.

Sadly, that is the current plight of Hot 97s DJ Funkmaster Flex, who has another smear across his name from Power 105.1’s Charlamagne Tha God: a “Donkey Of The Day” title. This morning (July 28), the “Breakfast Club” host delivered a faux-heartfelt eulogy for Flex’s career and credibility as church instrumentals rung in the background. Lining him up with other ’80s icons who have slumped their legacies such as Bill Cosby and Hulk Hogan, Charlamagne booted the Bronx-bred DJ as just another disappointment after failing to deliver Meek Mill’s counter attack to Drake.

“I want to thank you all for coming to celebrate the life of Aston George Taylor aka Pump Faker Flex aka Flex Hogan aka Funkmaster Flex,” he recited. “Our childhood has been ruined because another ’80s icon has proved that he’s not who we thought he was all these years.”

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He called Flex’s failed radio stunt a “reach for ratings.” Flex seemingly sided with Meek during the rapper’s current spat with Drizzy. Baiting fans through a promise of the exclusive track, a supposed email from Meek was a no-show. When the wait was finally over, an angry social media mob took to Twitter to blast the Flex, creating an official petition to throw him from Hot 97’s DJ throne. In what seemed like a lengthy bout of sarcasm, Flex flooded his own timeline with the steam from pissed off fans:

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Meek played into the mockery too, rufflling a few feathers with the Twitter release of a 15-second faux-track titled “Beautiful Nightmare.” Then Flex’s team cued in on the Power 105.1 show’s “Donkey” declaration, for some defensive commentary of their own. Ebro Darden of Hot 97’s “Ebro In The Morning” made sure to clarify that Meek’s absence on the show was not entirely Flex’s fault, and had some choice words for the Breakfast Club  as well.

“We specifically were told that Meek Mill had something for Flex last night, and we waited. And waited,” he said. “And now y’all can go as hard as y’all want to go at Flex. We been through many wars here at Hot 97 before, nobody is afraid of y’all. Matter of fact, yo Breakfast Club, Imma deal with y’all later,” Ebro affirmed. He made sure to add that Breakfast Club wouldn’t be the station it is today if it weren’t for H0t 97. “Your whole existence is based on coming on Hot 97 and talking about people here. Your entire existence. I don’t care how much money iHeart put behind y’all.”

Since we’ve already got one rap feud on our hands, let’s keep our fingers crossed that a radio war won’t come of it either. Peep Charlamagne’s Donkey Of The Day above and Hot 97’s reply below: