Charles Barkley Shades Lebron James And His ‘Trainwreck’ Movie Role


Charles Barkley is known for keeping it real, and Friday (July 17), he made sure even Lebron’s fans understand that, too.

Chopping it up with Jim Kozimor on SportsTalkLive via webcam, Barkley sprung another slam to the four-time MVP’s championship loss when asked about Lebron’s film debut in the newly released drama-comedy Trainwreck. “LeBron should call this Trainwreck 2 because the Finals was Trainwreck 1.” After a hearty chuckle, he went on to lauder Lebron as one of the best MVPs, stating that the NBA is in “great hands.”

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The former 76ers baller is currently making his way through American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament, but didn’t leave his sports analyst duties to rest with the nine-minute interview. Barkley, who has also had his share of big screens such as the 1996 classic Space Jam, also threw Steph Curry in the hailed mix, calling he and Lebron both great people. In Trainwreck, moviegoers got a glimpse of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ hoop star in the trailer, where he plays an advice-offering buddy of Aaron Conners (played by Bill Hader).

Check out what else he had to say in the STL segment here.