Chief Keef’s Benefit Concert Is Still On… But It’s A Secret

Despite the mayor of Chicago preventing it from happening, Chief Keef is still planning to hold his benefit concert. Only this time he plans to have it in a secret location as he announced on his Instagram page. The original concert was cancelled by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and the office of the city of Chicago for cited reasons such as his music “promotes violence” and poses “a significant public safety risk.

The concert is being held in the wake of GBE affiliate, Capo, who was gunned down, along with a 13-month-old who was killed afterward when hit by a car. Sosa is holding the concert to raise money for the family of the deceased child and for other local charities as well.

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He announced the change of plans with a new promo video. “Banned by the mayor of Chicago,” the photo caption read. “Chief Keef, from a secret Chicago location, live via hologram, collecting for charity. Stop the violence now!”

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Alki David, CEO of FilmOn Network, responded in a press release, saying, “The meddling, attention seeking Father Pfleger, who bullied the owner of the downtown theater to back out of his contract, will not succeed. He is exploiting this tragedy and taking money away from the victims and solid charities who are doing good work in Chicago.”

Chief Keef will only be appearing as a hologram because has outstanding warrants in Chicago for unpaid child support and skipping a pretrial hearing, where he was charged with driving while high.

Andddddd action!

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The concert will be held July 25 at a yet to be known location at 8 p.m. Pacific Time and live stream on