Chuck D On Bill Cosby: Wiping Away Cosby’s History Is Akin To Nazi Book Burning

Chuck D wants y’all to know that though he doesn’t endorse any of Bill Cosby’s recent actions, he is still not here here for wiping out the comedian/actor’s historical career.

The Public Enemy MC tweeted out a series of “check yourselves” by disputing numerous decisions to remove Cosby from TV and famed locations such as Disney World and Hollywood’s Walk of Fame.

According to the tweets, Chuck said that many industry members did what Cosby has admitted to. He even recalled ’70s parties where he witnessed “a lotta cats” lacing drinks. When negative reactions sparked from Twitter users who also chimed in, he compared Cosby’s controversy to Nazi book burning in-depth:

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Chuck D’s comments follow shortly after civil rights activists called for the removal of Cosby’s star from Hollywood’s most star struck sidewalk: the Walk of Fame. Many of Cosby’s co-signers also retracted their support for the black entertainment icon, including Jill Scott and Stacey Dash.