Common Talks On Removal Of South Carolina Statehouse’s Confederate Flag


Just less than a week after the removal of the Confederate flag atop South Carolina’s statehouse (July 10), media outlets and celebrities alike have shared their opinions on the matter.

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The latest to offer commentary is Common. The Chi-town native, who’s been vocal on social affairs, recently talked with AllHipHop about Bree Newsome’s latest feat:

“I think it’s definitely something that’s symbolic for us. That flag was representing a lot of things so to see that go away is definitely a gesture to say, ‘Man, we want to change the way people think about black people and change the way we’re conducting ourselves towards black people,'” the Oscar winner said.

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The Oscar winner continued, “Just as important or more important, like the policies towards officers and the way they’re treating people of color, that’s important. Along with taking down the flag we got to make sure the young people aren’t being killed out there for no reason just for being black, just for dressing a certain way. That’s the next step for us, figuring out those things.”

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Watch the full interview below.