D∆WN Is A New Spokesperson For PETA


Singer-songwriter, D∆WN, formerly known as Dawn Richard, has announced that she is a now a spokesperson for PETA.

The New Orleans native that grew up on crawfish and gumbo went vegan “cold turkey” over a year ago after her father was diagnosed with cancer. The “avocado junkie”announced the news on Instagram saying:

“Proud to be the new spokesperson for @Officialpeta ..I’ve been Vegan for a year and a half now and it has changed my life and perspective. What you put inside your body reflects the outside of you. See more of my story at @officialpeta and see why I made the change. Thank you dad and Monty for opening my heart and eyes. Thank you @ninajhair and@_nimzilla for making me feel and look beautiful.”

On the newly released poster, she tastefully bares it all while rocking faux locs and dangling a strawberry from her lips. Get ‘em D∆WN!

Press play as D∆WN talks to PETA about her her new plant-based lifestyle has changed her life.

Photo Credit: PETA