Dog The Bounty Hunter Offers Advice On How To Capture El Chapo

Dog The Bounty Hunter maybe responsible for capturing thousands of bail hoppers, but the 62-year-old plans to stay in his lane and let the big dogs (pun intended) capture Joaquin”El Chapo” Guzman.

While speaking with FOX411, the star of CMT’s Dog and Beth: On The Hunt, says the best way to bring down the leader of the Sinaloa drug cartel is to have heavy ammunition.

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“In order to take him down, number one, you better have a fully automatic weapon. With my weapon, you have to get really close to him — and you couldn’t get that close to him because he probably has five or six guys with him at all times.”

Dog, real name Duane Chapman, is convinced El Chapo is below ground in Mexico somewhere.

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“[Also], there would have to be two or three of you to take him down because he is going to shoot it out next time. Last time, I heard they surrounded him and gave him a chance to come out.”

Guzman escaped prison the second time July 11th by slipping through a hole in his cell’s shower and walking through a mile long tunnel. Reports indicate the 60 year old fugitive may have received help from prison guards.

The first brazen escape wasn’t as elaborate. In 2001, El Chapo escaped from a maximum-security prison by hiding in a laundry cart. Since Chapo’s escape, Mexican authorities have offered a $3.8 million reward for any information leading to his capture.