Donald Trump Thinks He Can Kick Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo’s A**

Donald Trump, America’s most loathed anti-immigration advocate, wants to join the manhunt for recently escaped notorious Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman after his prison break from a maximum-security facility in Mexico.

After Trump losing endorsements, television contracts and a slew of other fails, Rae Sremmund might want to rename that track for the not-so-popular politician. Gabbing up another Twitter tirade on Sunday (July 12), the Republican presidential hopeful used El Chapo to place more blame on foreign territory for America’s crime complications. We have to warn you, though, the reach was real:

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Trump’s overly ambitious attitude even drew some attention from one of MMG’s heavyweights, Meek Mill, who sent a warning to Trump about dabbling in criminal affairs:

El Chapo, who was formerly American DEA’s no. 1 most wanted fugitive, orchestrated the second breakout of his criminal career, slipping into the tunnel from a prison shower space on Saturday night (July 11), according to CNN.

Investigators worry that if he is not seized within the next 48 hours, they won’t be so lucky in capturing the Sinaloa drug cartel overlord this time.