#BeardGang: Is Drake Morphing Into The Game?

Drake is out here growing beards and bulking up, and the ladies are all the way here for it. The “6 God” has been gradually showcasing his new look, but things got heated on Instagram when Drizzy revealed his full transformation by way of a 400k likes-grabbing thirst trap. But who do we thank for Drake 2.0? Could it be his new neighbor?

Drake and The Game’s budding bromance blossomed as the two became neighbors in their Calabasas neighborhood. Sprouting from their proximity thus far has been sports bets, barbecues and even a new track, “100.” A little stretch of the imagination, and you may also catch the resemblance between Drake’s new look to his Compton friend:

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Mobbin after a few drinks wit a good friend & a club full a…. Well you know #WinnersCircle

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Work. #WinnersCircle

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8 more than 92 video shoot in Bompton. #WinnersCircle x #OvO #TheDocumentary2

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The only things missing are a few tattoos.

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