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Wait, So Who Wrote This? 25 Of Drake’s Most Specific Lyrics

The authenticity of Drake’s on-wax stories are now being questioned because of a hefty Twitter rant by Meek Mill last night (July 21), alluding to the fact that Mr. Aubrey Graham does not write his own lyrics. Despite being featured on the Philadelphia rapper’s latest album Dreams Worth More Than Money on “R.I.C.O.”

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Drake has been known for his poignant pen game. The 28-year-old rapper has consistently showcased his lyrical prowess detailing his emotions, past lovers and family ties. From recounting his experiences with Courtney from Hooters on Peachtree on “From Time” to telling heartfelt tales of growing up in the 6 (his native Toronto), Drizzy uses these vignettes to bring his tracks to life.

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Yet, amidst these complex tales of love and loss, he delves deeper into his hippocampus to spit out super precise lyrics. Like chicks asking him for the WiFi code and dropping his telly info (see: the St. Regis in Briar Oaks on “Company”). Sure, he’s given inebriated accounts of his adventures in the strip club and boohooed in “Marvin’s Room” but like he said on 2010’s “The Resistance,” he could never have amnesia: “I’m livin’ inside a moment, not takin’ pictures to save it/I mean, how could I forget? My memory’s never faded…”

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So Drake, were you really with “Courtney on Peach Tree” or was that a ghost?  Whether or not Meek’s claims are false or real, Drake does get pretty precise. Take a scroll down Drizzy’s memory lane below, as we await answers on whether or not he’s conjured up these scenarios.—Richy Rosario

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