The 11 Best Lines From Power’s “Who You Are and Who You Want To Be” Episode

Ghost is slowly losing his cool as the pressure from Lobos, Stern and Tasha all begin to mount, painting him in a corner and forcing the once calculated business man to now make drastic decisions. In episode  205, “Who You Are and Who You Want To Be,” show creator Courtney Kemp Agboh skillfully thrusts the dram into second as lies begin to come to light and bonds start to unravel.

The episode opens with Holly in an interrogation room. As Cooper tries to get her to squeal on Tommy, Angela soon learns the man she believed to be Ghost has been under her nose (and her sheets) the entire time. As she comes to grips with this revelation, Ghost gets an unexpected call from Lobos, forcing him to make a potentially fatal decision, all the while still having to figure out how to buy his club back from Stern.

Alliances begin to crack as the truth comes to light. Check out the 11 best lines from episode 205 “Who You Are and Who You Want To Be.”

1. “If you talk with me now, maybe we can leave your past mistakes in the past.”– Cooper Saxe

Cooper tries his best to get Holly to turn on Tommy. As he brings up her lengthy rap sheet that includes petty theft, time in a juvenile women’s detention center and the one case she received three years jail time before skipping town. Holly surprisingly holds her own and doesn’t say a word.

2.”If you really love a guy, you stand by him, no matter what he’s done.” Angela

Angela knows Cooper’s technique won’t get Holly to crack. She begs her superior for a chance to speak to Holly woman-to-woman but get’s knocked down. Angela knows Holly knows something, but because of her love and loyalty for Tommy, Angela also knows she won’t squeal.

3. “Consider it a thank you for breathing life into the VIBE party.”– Stern

Stern has no intention of allowing Ghost to buy his club back, which is why he gave Ghost a small budget for the VIBE party in hopes he’d fail. Ghost reads of Truth’s successful night in the paper and see’s Stern has taken all the credit. Now frustrated with the unscrupulous club owner, Ghost confronts him. In an attempt to smooth things over, Stern invites Ghost to a private party. Ghost is fully aware of Stern’s underhanded moves, but continues to play along.

4. “I’ll be the judge of that Mr. St. Patrick.”– Greg Knox

Knox pays Ghost an unexpected visit at Truth and asks about his relationship with Tommy. Never one to publicly fold under pressure, Ghost answers Knox’s questions as vaguely as possibly. The conversation ended cordially, but not without Knox making sure Ghost knew the Feds had their eye on him.

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5. “The thing is, I like another girl.” Tariq

Tariq visits his dad at his hotel and while the two talk in the hallway, confesses to being caught between two girls at school. Seeing the irony in the situation, Ghost advises his son to be honest with both girls to spare them the heartbreak, an advice he should’ve employed himself.

6. “Consider it done.”–Tommy

After receiving an unexpected call from Lobos notifying him he’d soon be in town to pick up his cut, Ghost goes to Ruiz and orders him to murder to the Serb. Tommy gets wind of Ghost’s erratic decision and decides cutting off their entire supply is the best course of action.

7. “You had your chance to help out.”– Tasha

Tasha, feeling like there’s no one she can trust, is still seething from Ghost’s betrayal and is equally upset with Tommy for his part in it. She questions why Tommy didn’t tell her about Ghost’s affair with Angela and then accuses Tommy–who she once considered her brother– of disloyalty.

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8. “Hello? 911? Get down to Hamilton docks. Terminal G.  There’s some kind of narcotics deal going on. OMG, Hurry!” — Tommy

For once, It’s Tommy’s idea that’s getting everyone out of trouble, as opposed to the other way around. Tommy rounds everyone up to clean out the Serb’s stash spots in hopes taking their supply will force them to work with Ghost. As they take the last of the dope, Tommy calls 911 in his best white-boy distressed voice. It’s a strategic, yet hilarious move.

9. “The worst part is, you can’t teach him how to be a man neither.”– Tasha

Tasha stops by Ghost’s hotel room wondering why he didn’t tell her Tariq paid him a visit. When Tasha learns it was because Tariq needed dating advice, Tasha accuses Ghost of being a poor example of a man to even offer their son advice on women. Unwilling to work anything out with her now estranged husband, Tasha informs Ghost Tariq will have questions about why he’s no longer at home and he should be man enough to tell their son the truth.

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10. “You dumb b**ch.” — Holly

Despite their best efforts, Holly doesn’t rat Tommy out and knows she’s going to prison for it. In a last ditch effort to get Holly to turn, Angela tries to convince her to snitch on Tommy and implicate him as Ghost. Holly, recognizing Angela from the club, let’s her know James St. Patrick is Ghost and if she doesn’t make everything go away, the charges against her and the investigation into Tommy, she’ll blow the case wide open.

11.”So baby, how was work?” — Angela

Show creator Courtney Kemp Agboh is a slick one.

In the season opener, Tommy who hid out his mother’s house after killing Nomar, tells Ghost Angela works for the Feds Ghost–dazed, shocked and confused–then goes to Angela’s apartment with suspicion in his eyes and a voice cold as ice. He sits on her couch, adjust his tie and then calmly asks “So baby, how was work?”

Now in episode five, it’s Angela who gets the wind knocked out of her when she learns Ghost isn’t Tommy, but her beloved Jamie St. Patrick. As she walks into her apartment building she see’s Jamie, or better yet Ghost, waiting for her and with the same suspicion, shock and confusion plays it off and calmly ask “So baby, how was work?”

Those four little words are a clear indicator the jig is definitely up.


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