Word From The Wise: Let Erykah Badu Teach You How To Let Joy Into Your Life


Erykah Badu is inspiring fans in a personal open essay titled “The Paradigm of Joy” for Essence. Fat Belly Bella recently dished on the power of self-acceptance, your untapped power and allowing joy to enter your life.

Check out an excerpt from the uplifting piece below:

“There’s this natural instinct we have as human beings. Regardless of our position, religion, color or kind, we all have a primal desire for immediate, and almost unwavering, JOY. Eventually, through the experience of events and circumstance, we learn that this desire just may be unreasonable and unnatural. We watch our emotions sway as we are affected and influenced by the energy around us. Our own resistance to “unpleasantness” restricts our movement.

In a self-medicated state, we start to become addicted to our pain. In some cases it even starts to define us. We wear masks to protect ourselves and alas lose sight of who we are. Drained physically, spiritually and emotionally, we become ill and left with very little energy to cope. Our service to others becomes exhausting. Our breathing becomes shallow. JOY seems so far. Now we are stuck in our own minds, filled with random thoughts and collected fears.

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This place has become our world. We know we are imbalanced. Something must change. How do we portion our busy lives to give the proper attention to our inner beings; the part of us that, at its core, regulates our mental, emotional and vital wellness? Perhaps we change our state of being by taking a look inside and simply changing our perspective and perception.


Read the full piece here.

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